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Zero Accident Site

We at Kshitij Interiors prioritize the safety of our employees without having to compromise on it. We ensure that every Manpower follows our safety policy and protocols to make our project sites, offices, factories and warehouse a ‘Zero’ accident site. We strive towards improving our environment and involvement with all employees to achieve a safer, healthier and ‘Zero’ accident workplace. Safety being an essential and integral part of our business, we safeguard our employees and consider the safety of our customers and their workforce while designing and building workplaces.

Our Policy & Protocols

General Safety

General Safety

  • Appointed EHS Inspector at site.
  • In-House EHS training programs.
  • Daily reporting by the supervisor.
  • Site Inspection to ensure compliance with safety measures.
  • Strict Adherence to No child Labour Policy.
  • Fire Extinguishers at site.
  • All safety harness, Shoes, Gloves, Mask for specific jobs.
  • All tools & Machinery will have proper wire & plugs.
  • First aid arrangements at site.
Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

  • Using Low health-impacting adhesive, paints & coatings, sealants and construction materials.
  • Using low flow water fixtures for efficient water management (on-site and for the project).
  • Using Forest Stewardship council (FSC) certified wood.
  • Providing optimum turf-cover and landscaping, with water-efficient irrigation systems.
  • Detailed Logistics Plan for material movement, photographic records, documentation, recycling, site-cleanliness, waste and debris.
Health Safety

Health Safety

  • Site Safety Plan.
  • Emergency response matrix.
  • Safety organogram for situations escalation.
  • First-aid access and administration capabilities.
  • Periodic check on Scaffolding, ladders, electrical system and tools.